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Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Results for His Clients

Tim Mazzela has a strong reputation and a proven history of getting excellent results. He has earned and achieved an excellent reputation with the insurance industry, their attorneys and the large corporations they represent and insure.

A 60 year old female sustained compound fractures in the tibia and the fibula of both legs when the defendant failed to stop for the posted stop sign. The client was hospitalized for three weeks after undergoing emergency surgeries on both of her legs with plates and screws. She developed blood clots in her legs that dislodged and went into her lungs causing her to develop pulmonary embolisms. She was again hospitalized and eventually recovered from that complication. The client sustained permanent injuries, has chronic pain and was unable to return to work. This result allowed her to support herself for the rest of her life. This helped give the client back some of her self-dignity and self-respect that the collision caused her to lose.

Herniated Disc/Cervical Facet Injections Malpractice

A municipal garbage truck failed to brake and struck the rear end of a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe at approximately 45 miles per hour. The impact caused a non-surgical herniated disc at C6/C7 wherein cervical facet injections were administered. The doctor punctured the spinal cord with the injection and caused permanent chronic cervical pain. This case involved two separate actions one in the Superior Court for the automobile accident and a separate Arbitration for the medical malpractice case. The automobile accident case settled for $1,000,000.00 and the medical practice case settled for $1,000,000.00. This type of case involves complex damage issues from the medical malpractice arising from the treatment from the underlying injuries from the automobile accident. The economic damages for the past and future medical expenses and future wage loss were recovered in the first automobile claim. The defendant also assigned their right to the subrogation claim for the damages paid by the defendants in the settlement of the automobile accident case. This gave the client significantly more leverage in the settlement negotiations in the medical malpractice case which are more difficult cases.

We received a favorable jury verdict in Fresno County Superior Court before the Honorable Judge Donald Franson after a three and one-half week jury trial. Our client was requested by a farmer to fill his 550 Gallon Diesel Fuel tank at his farm. The fuel tank was on a stand with wood supports that had not been changed in over 35 years. When the tank was being filled by our client the stand collapsed and the tank came crashing down on my clients head, neck and back. The trauma caused my client to sustain a broken neck, scarred face and broken scapula.Read More

Our client was offered a German Sheppard, spurs with no disclosure of prior vicious tendencies. In response, the client stated that she would accept ownership of the dog as long as it could get along with her dog, Bandit. The owner of Spurs brought him over to meet my clients dog, Bandit. Within two minutes of being delivered to the client’s home, Spurs violently and viciously attacked and repeatedly bit the client and her dog, Bandit. The defendants denied liability and stated they were not responsible and brought a motion to have the case dismissed with the plaintiff taking nothing by way of the complaint. The defendants claimed that ownership transferred to our client when she took delivery of the dog under Menches v. Inglewood Humane Society(1945)51 Cal.App.2d. 41. Had the defendants won this motion, our client would have received no monetary compensation. Indeed, it would have relieved the defendants from being strictly liable for the damages. We opposed the Motion For Summary Judgment on the basis that ownership did not transfer upon delivery of the dog. Transfer of ownership was conditioned upon the two dogs being able to share the back yard which did not happen. Therefore, ownership remained with the original owner and all resulting exposure for injury also remained with the original owner of the dog. The court denied the defendants Motion for Summary Judgment and the case settled for $500,000.00.

A head-on collision caused the death of a 50 year old father and husband. The wife of the victim contacted my office after she was informed by her current attorney that the only available insurance coverage was $15,000.00. The widow retained me and I uncovered the $1,000,000.00 underinsured motorist coverage through the employer of decedent. After a few months of litigation, the $1,000,000.00 policy limit was tendered and the case settled for $985,000.00 more than the first attorney would have settled the case. This is a prime example of why choosing the right attorney makes a huge difference in the outcome of your case.